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This Russian adult film actress is on Ukraine's 'dismissed list', why?

This Russian adult film actress is on Ukraine's 'dismissed list', why?

A Russian adult film star is being targeted by the Ukrainian military to be killed.

Eva Elfie was the target of Ukrainian assassination because she had made an adult film set in Crimea, a territory currently contested between Ukraine and Russia.

It is known that Eva shot pictures for adults at that location in 2018.

Quoted from Russia Today, a well-known website linked to the Ukrainian government that tracks alleged enemies of the state has added Russian-born porn star Eva Elfie to its "hit list".

According to the Mirotvorets database, the adult film actress is guilty of "legitimizing the occupation of Crimea."

Mirotvorets publishes profiles of public figures and citizens considered enemies of Ukraine, marking those who have died from any cause as "exterminated".

He is also known to dox his targets every time he gets their personal data. Several people on Mirotvorets' blacklist have been murdered.

The website took issue with Elfie, whose real name is Yulia Romanova, traveling to Crimea for a photo shoot in 2018, just as her adult entertainment career was taking off.


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